Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance 2

Is travel insurance necessary or waste of money?

This is a common question arising in the minds of many people, when they think of a travel insurance program.
There are certain reasons that show how important travel insurance coverage can be to a traveller.

Firstly, there are few reasons why we need to travel.

  • Business/Work
  • Leisure/Holiday
  • Festive Seasons to visit Family/Relative/Friends
  • Medical Grounds

Whatever the reasons are, the main objective is to reach our destination safe and sound.
Do not forget to include travel insurance in your to do list before planning your travel.
Most people take travel insurance lightly and decide to be “self-insured” for their trip.

It is important to know what your travel insurance covers you against in the event of any unforeseen situations which may subject you to a financial loss or otherwise.

Travel insurance provides peace of mind, during your entire trip.
To make the vacation more enjoyable without any hassles, it is very important to have travel insurance.

Identification and Cash

  • Travel insurance is important if people’s passports and wallets are lost or stolen. The insurance helps travellers replace lost identification and get emergency cash.

Medical Emergencies

  • Travel insurance covers medical emergencies, accidents and treatments that may occur on a trip to a foreign country.

Acts of Nature and Terrorism

  • Travel insurance covers money people loss if they have to evacuate their vacation location due to severe weather like hurricanes, typhoons or tsunami. If travelers wish to cancel their trip because a terrorist attack occurred at the travel destination, travel insurance gives them a refund.


  • People with travel insurance will not lose money if cruise lines, airlines or tour operations file for bankruptcy. The insurance covers non-refundable expenses.

Flight Cancellation

  • If the airline cancels a traveler’s flight, travel insurance refunds the cost of the plane tickets.

Personal Circumstances

  • Travel insurance refunds trips that have been canceled because of personal circumstances, such as illness.

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